Fridley and Twin Cities
 Antiques and Furniture Restoration

This pottery heirloom had been broken into
fifty small pieces.  It required gluing,
plaster buildup, and precise color matching
and blending.

Custom latch mechanism for a bookcase secret entrance. Latch is released by tipping an Edgar Allen Poe book in the bookcase:

I have forty years experience as an independent contractor performing wood refinishing, restoration painting, carpentry, cabinetry and every type of repair and restoration of furniture and prized possessions for my clients in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

I am an expert at glue ups, color matching, finishes, plaster sculpting and mechanical repairs.

Now semi-retired from project contracting, I perform restoration on antiques and small furniture in my home, without overhead costs.

You'll like my terms: You pay nothing unless you are happy with the results.

Bring your item by or have me pick it up. I'll give you a price quote on the spot, but of course you'll make the final determination of the price after the restoration is completed.


A family heirloom which had been damaged
during shipping:

A couple repair photos:


end restoration page

Special Relativity explained in absolute terms -

eliminates the twin paradox, shows Einstein's clock sychronization
diagrammed in absolute terms, and ends all confusion regarding
relative frames of reference.  Completely compatible with, and in
fact subsumes, Einstein's relativity.  Not Lorentzian relativity.
Reveals what is transpiring behind the scenes of Einstein's


Relativity in Absolute Terms.
My most comprehensive online document.  A concise overview
of why special relativity must be diagrammed in absolute terms.

Twin Paradox Animation on youtube.
Light rays and traveling twins are charted in absolute terms, 
free of the misleading space-time diagram.

Twin Paradox Animation.
Expanded text, and animation of the twin paradox.  (Embedded youtube animation.)

Twin Paradox Explained.
A similar discussion of the failure of spacetime diagrams.  

Twin Paradox Animation.
Alternative text, and animation of the twin paradox.  (Embedded youtube animation.)

Absolute Frame of Reference
Absolute frame of reference in the physics community.

Free pdf file of the book:

Relativity Trail, free pdf format, with 192 pages, 65 diagrams 
and 75 illustrations, will provide you with complete detailed 
algebraic derivations of all the kinematical effects of special 
relativity.  Everything is charted out in absolute terms against 
a system at rest with respect to the totality of the universe 
for perfect clarity as well as soundness of theoretical basis.  
It is the totality of the universe that imparts the inertial 
properties of clock rates and lengths which generate the effects 
of relativity.  This is explained in detail in Relativity Trail.

Excerpts from the book Relativity Trail with included images.

Einstein explained in excerpts from Relativity Trail.

Diagrams and derivations from the book Relativity Trail.


Chaos etc - equations and graphical output.
Eight equations generating exotic behavior,
along with the program code and graphical output.